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You can now watch 3 of the latest videos (from my Cairo Sawi concert, April 2011) that were uploaded to Youtube recently. You can find the 3 new songs (Mesh Koll Men Rekeb El Kheil, El Gamal Wel Nour "Beauty & Light" & Hafl Tanakory Kebeer "Bal Masque") and more at:

My first album is finally out!! I am proud to announce that my first album “Gowwaya Hagat” (Inside Me), co-produced with Egypt’s leading café chain Cilantro is now available to purchase at all Cilantro café outlets across Egypt!

OR simply place an order on-line and enjoy a FREE delivery of the album to your address anywhere in Cairo: 


You can also listen to and download the album or single songs at:

To listen to parts of the 12 songs visit the prmo video on Youtube: 

 More information about the album and feedback from listeners at:!/group.php?gid=15269095310&ref=ts 

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